The Annual Fund: Moving Artists Forward, Together


Your gift during this most difficult of times allows us to continue together to create city-wide initiatives, teaching programs, artist felllowships, exhibitions in public spaces and high-level programming all based on the work of our region's artistic talent, making sure that their careers are stable, financially-supported and strong. Artists are also teachers, entrepreneurs. business owners and active citizens! The artists you and CFEVA serve together are maintained as a positive, driving artistic and economic force in our region.  

Through CFEVA's services and partnerships, artists can take and make opportunities that engage our neighborhoods, inspire our communities and connect us whether in-person or on a virtual platform. Your support drives our work, creating a dynamic, vibrant and resiliant local arts and cultural sector. 

Each gift you make, no matter how small, helps us power the creative capacity of our greater area, and contributes to the value that art and art-making provides  Only with your help right now can CFEVA continue to support those who will transform, inspire, heal and provoke us.  

Thank you! Stay safe during this holiday season. 

*If you are donating in honor of another, please provide detail in the comments.*

Image: POST Artist Patrick Coughlin at work in his studio. Photo by Mae Belle Vargas.

Minimum: $5.00
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