Timothy Churchill, 2019 Finalist

Each day will bring torrents of information, most of it redundant, vacuous, pointing me away from authenticity and fullness of experience. Through the camera I compose stories, winnow and organize information, articulate impressions.

I walk several miles each morning, a meditative exercise I began in college that nourishes curiosity and intimacy vis a vis the phenomenal world. It's essential to my artistic endeavors. Moving through landscapes, my senses are brought to life; I observe, imagine and take notes; the ancient human need to manufacture sense and meaning is provoked. I learn to look closely, interrogate, understand, have meaningful dialogue. In this way I take the inventory of my backyard-wherever that may be at a particular moment in time.

My work, influenced by painting, music, literature and cinema, examines relationships between the artificial and organic, inflection and innuendo, evanescence and permanence.