Mustafa Adil Ozturk, 2019 Finalist

M. Adil Ozturk started the Design and Art education in high school. He graduated from Vocational High School in 2010 followed by a degree in Visual Design from FMV Isik University in 2015. He subsequently pursued his MFA at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts. While there, he had chance to work with diverse faculty members who allowed him to comprehend the advanced scope of philosophy, art and art practice. More specifically he worked with majorly with Dr. Kevin Richards, Tony Rosati. His works have been shown in KOMASK Masters in Printmaking Show in Antwerp, Belgium, and 12 Gates Gallery, Tayler School of Art, Fleisher Art Memorial (Works-Paper Gallery) in Philadelphia, and Mine Art Gallery in Istanbul. As an emerging artist his works speak of and are deeply connected to contemporary political, psychological, and social issues happening in the world.

graphic design