Matthew Suib & Nadia Hironaka, 2015 Peter Benoliel Fellows

have worked as artistic collaborators since 2008, following years of successful individual work. Their work in film, video, sound and immersive installation assembles raw materials from moving-image culture alongside original images and sound, often taking a counter-mythical position exploring the foundations and forms of popular and political narratives.

Hironaka & Suib's solo and collaborative projects have been exhibited in museums, galleries and festivals worldwide, including ICA (Phila), Phila. Museum of Art, PS1 (NYC), ArizonaStateUniv.Art Museum, Mercer Union (Toronto), Kunstwerke Berlin and the 2007 Moscow Biennale of Contemporary Art.

In 2007, they founded Screening–Philadelphia's first gallery devoted to the moving image––exhibiting work by internationally renowned artists, often for the first time in the city.

Both artists are former members of the artist collective Vox Populi, and recipients of Pew Fellowships in the Arts.

Fellowship completed: 
Thursday, June 1, 2017