Eva Wo, 2019 Fellow

I am a mixed-race, 2nd generation Chinese-American raised in rural New Mexico. I am also a queer woman and sex worker. In 2010 I moved to Philly for college and created my 2nd and current home here. Since 2014 I’ve been working a full-time as an artist.

My work expresses my vision for queer people to no longer suffer physically and emotionally due to oppressions that stigmatize our bodies and identities. The images and spaces I create cause viewers and participants to imagine a reality: one where we have unlimited gender and sexual self-determination, and therefore conceptualize a world where queer liberation is tangible. As a healer, I do this work because it is necessary for queer people to express themselves freely and see each other through an unashamed and uncensored lens toward collective survival. My work intentionally asserts an alternative reality that is constructed with joy, love and abundance for us as queer people.