Custom Exhibitions and Programs

Custom Exhibitions take place in businesses and commercial settings including office building lobbies, throughout private offices, restaurants, condominiums, and businesses of all types.  These exhibitions benefit CFEVA, artists, employers, employees, clients, and visitors by showing that the sponsoring business supports a local non-profit, local artists, and innovative thinking in general.

Quality: We offer 38 year years experience curating, assembling and mounting exhibitions in public and private spaces. We will guide the process from conceptualization to installation.
Artwork will be mounted and handled by a professional installer. All supplies and costs 
for artwork transportation and preparation are included.
Floor Plan and Artwork Area
We will consider visibility, foot traffic, and infrastructure when determining the exhibition areas.
Affordable Pricing without Risk
Our custom or community exhibition will invigorate your space without long term commitment.
Exhibitions can be renewed, extended, rearranged or redesigned after your initial contract expires. You will receive all the benefits of an art collection without the need for storage, handling expertise, or other significant expenses.
Option to Own
All works exhibited are for sale either individually as priced or can be purchased as a complete exhibition.
Custom Exhibition Services
Exhibition services include:
  • Selecting artwork and curating exhibition to specific tastes and style 
  • Art handling and exhibition preparation
  • Installation, supplies, and local transportation
  • Signage and information on CFEVA and the artwork
  • Opportunity for related programming
The Custom Exhibition fees are based on the scope of each unique exhibition.
Exhibitions can be renewed, and selected artwork can be purchased.
Custom Exhibition Benefits
  • Art in the workplace enhances a company or organization’s professional image to its employees and also to its constituents and visitors. 
  • Art exhibitions beautify the work environment and stimulate creativity, innovation and increased performance.    
  • Participation in such a program demonstrates a company’s support of the arts and local nonprofit community, spreading a message of goodwill. 
  • The company can be listed as a supporter in CFEVA’s literature and website.
  • Custom exhibitions give people the opportunity to experience and learn about art in a comfortable, familiar environment.
Select Custom Exhibition Clients
The Arts and Business Council of Greater Philadelphia 
Contracted to have a one year Community Exhibition of small and large works in the Chamber of Commerce.
Cira Centre - MyCIO
Ongoing client in the Cira Centre that contracts six-month Custom Exhibitions of small and large works.
2 Logan Square – Brandywine Realty Trust  
Contracted to have a large works exhibition for six months in the lobby and decided to purchase all of the artwork within one week of installation. 2 Logan Square went on to win the Building Owners and Managers Association’s Best Lobby Award in 2008.
1701 Market Street - Morgan Lewis & Bockius
First one-year Custom Exhibition of small works in 2007 and has renewed the contract twice for new exhibitions.
Riverpark Condominium Association
Purchased one large work for the building lobby.
William Penn Foundation
Two-year Custom Exhibition of small works.
Radisson Plaza Warwick Hotel
Contracted to have four solo exhibitions by CFEVA artists over the course of one year.
The University of Pennsylvania Perelman Center for Advanced Medicine
For more information on bringing a custom exhibition or program to your space, please contact

Genevieve Coutroubis
(215) 546-7775 x11