Lee Stoetzel

Artist and Director of The West Collection

Shortly after graduating SMU in Dallas with a Studio M.F.A. in 1993,  I worked for art dealers in Los Angeles and New York installing exhibitions by artists such as Jeff Koons, Robert Irwin, Sandro Chia, and Sal Scarpitta and later as Director of Tricia Collins Grand Salon in New York.  For the last 17 years I have worked as Co-Curator and Director of the West Collection in Oaks, PA, and continued pursuing my art practice. As an artist-curator the West Collection (3,000 works/ 700 artists) has been an unbelievably inspirational and affecting place to work. Through our installations, tours, and approach to showing contemporary art, we have tried to impart the experience of visiting the studio of the artists on view to our viewers. Since not all of our visitors are well versed in contemporary art we relay the stories, anecdotes, and give detailed descriptions about the making of the objects. In addition to helping build the collection,  I have also worked closely on the West Prize and West Collects initiatives which has received 11,000 applications from artists in 93 countries in the last four years.