About us


With a mission to cultivate, nurture, and advance the careers of emerging visual artists while simultaneously expanding opportunities for the public to discover and connect with art, CFEVA’s services are designed to: raise the profile of Philadelphia’s professional artists, foster artistic experimentation and innovation, and showcase how vibrant artistic communities boost cultural tourism and foster economic development. Through fellowships, residencies, educational outreach, exhibitions, professional development, and city-wide events, CFEVA provides artists with the tangible resources needed to develop viable and sustainable careers.

Cultural Equity

Since its inception, as an organization that includes and supports artists, CFEVA has always ensured that our work and its focus is based on a diverse, equitable, accessible, and inclusive community. and we are committed more than ever to those goals. Art will always remain most powerful when it is the result of a cumulative and varied voice and it reaches a diverse audience. It is important, however, to make sure that as an integral part of our region's creative force, that we strive to continue making these equitable principles a priority in every program that we deliver and in the hiring decisions that we make. 

CFEVA seeks to continually evaluate 1) whether we are doing our best in this regard, 2) that our Board and staff are actively working towards a more equitable future for our organization and 3) if the artists and art lovers in the region we serve feel heard, included, and empowered to be a part of the work that we do.